Minnesota Regions

Minnesota is a large state with a great diversity of bird habitat. Within the state there are four major ecoregions, each having distinct environmental conditions and natural resource communities: prairie landscapes are characteristic of western Minnesota, aspen parklands are found in the northwestern region, coniferous forests are widespread throughout the north country and, in southeastern Minnesota, deciduous hardwood forests are most common.

To help us effectively organize a survey project of this size with this much landscape variation, it takes local knowledge of both birds and their habitat to support effective survey coverage and accurate reporting. The MNBBA created 32 administrative regions within the state to help make this happen. Each region will have one, or a team of two, Regional Coordinators, to provide local leadership for the Atlas. These volunteer Coordinators are essential to the success of the Atlas. Regional Coordinators help recruit volunteer surveyors, answer surveyor questions related to species identification and data recording, track project progress, and review reported observations.

Click on the map below to find the Regional Coordinator/s for your area of interest. For more information, contact the Project Coordinator (bsample@audubon.org)

Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Regions